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Is it possible to "paste from clipboard" with a keyword (like you can with a hotkey)?

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I have a workflow that has the "Open URL" action to www.example.com/CLIPBOARDTEXT


With a "hotkey" trigger input, I can set the argument to "macOS Clipboard Content," and then enter www.example.com/{query} for the URL.


Now I want to do the same thing with a keyword input... but I don't see any way to do that.  Is it possible to use the clipboard as an argument in the case of a keyword input?


I want to do a keyword input instead of a hotkey because I have several workflows like this and it is too hard to remember the hot keys; keyword inputs are much easier because I can search for them using Alfred just like anything else.

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Unfortunately, after using {clipboard}, I am just getting www.example.com/{clipboard}.


I tried both checking and unchecking the box for "Use UTF8 encoding."

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I thought it would’ve gotten that capability with the latest pre-release, but apparently that action didn’t. No problem; easy fix. Just leave everything as is (including the http://example.com/{query} in the Open URL) but add a single Run Script between them.




In it, leave everything as is but make Script: read pbpaste.

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