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Find Folder — Search by Folder Name Workflow

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Find Folder

Download here


Search by folder name.



That doesn't solve what I was going for.  Searching for folders isn't a problem, alfred does a good job of that already.  Its searching non-spotlight indexed folders, just for the file names that it stumbles on.


Again, like a massive media library that lives on a NAS.  Regardless, my solution I posted above has been working well enough that I don't have to care any more.

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Anyone else having trouble with the Find Folder workflow? I just noticed it wasn't working. It's so simple it makes me think it's an Alfred bug? Tried restarting Alfred, changing the keyword to something else and then back to "f"... and deleting the "public.folder" type and re-adding a folder to it. Nothing works. I also tried another workflow with the same functionality "Simple Folders Filter" Nada


I'm on macOS 10.14.4 and Alfred 4.04

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 12.22.12 PM.png

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@Aadako I just tried replying to your email and your mailbox bounced it saying you're over quota.


The additional details you provided by email (with 'f' returning non folder results) suggests you have another keyword configured for 'f', so changing the keyword to something more distinct should have sorted the issue.


If you're still experiencing these issues, have you tried reindexing your Mac yet?

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Would it be possible to set it as the default Alfred quick search? I would like to search just for folders by pressing [spacebar] followed by my query.

I tried combinations of enabling/disabling quick file search mode with different workflow keywords but I did not succeed.

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@philippesiguret here is the Github download link for a simple folder search workflow in Alfred 5.



Type fs (or the other keyword you may have set in User Configuration) followed by space and all or part of the folder name for which you wish to search. Pressing Enter will reveal the contents of the folder in Alfred. Pressing ⌘ + Enter will reveal the contents of the folder in Finder.



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