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Hotkey to quickly edit existing snippet


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Hi guys,


I use snippets a lot in Alfred 3, and I badly need a quicker way to edit existing snippets. :)  They're so awesome!


Please see 1st screenshot: if Cmd+S on selected snippet would open it directly (2nd screenshot) within Alfred preferences, that would be a simple but fantastic improvement! :)


I'm suggesting Cmd+S for this because it is very similar to the already existing Cmd+S shortcut which transforms a clipping from clipboard history into a new snippet. Basically hitting Cmd+S would mean: "create a new snippet or open it for editing if it already exists". That would feel very intuitive!




After hitting Cmd+S,

this window would popup to make you able to quickly update the existing snippet.






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better explanation with screenshots
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10 hours ago, Chris Messina said:

is this broken?


@Chris Messina It's working. This feature refers to popping up either the Clipboard Viewer or Snippet Viewer, select an individual snippet (not a collection) and press Cmd + S.


If it was already a snippet, you'll be editing it, while if it was a clipboard item, you'll be creating a new snippet from it.


It's not something you do when you're already in the preferences. :) 



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Ah ha! My confusion was that I was pulling up a snippet directly in Alfred using my snippet keyword ("s"), and when I searched to find a snippet, assumed that hitting ⌘-S would allow me to edit the snippet that way.


@Andrew said that he'll be changing the modifier behavior of snippets in Alfred to support opening the editor. I wonder if the same keyboard shortcut should be used in both contexts (in Alfred proper as well as the Snippet Viewer) for consistency?

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@Chris Messina I had already considered this while making the change. For a little more context, the ⌘S was originally used for Saving clipboard items as snippets, it also worked for editing snippets too. It's not the most intuitive combo for the latter, but it worked.


In the quick change I made for the snip keyword, I also updated the snippet viewer to accept ⌘↩︎ as well as ⌘S, and I've added some contextual help text in the Clipboard / Snippets view as soon as you press the modifier key.

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