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Limit search scope for File Action

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Is there a way to limit the File Scope for a File Action (as you can with a File Filter)? I'd like to have the File Action only appear on the file action list when within a specific folder. 


Specifically, I have a workflow that uses System Events to right-click on "View on Dropbox.com" for files/folders in my Dropbox. I set up a filter so that performing my file action on non-Dropbox files does nothing, but I'd ideally like to remove the File Action altogether for non-Dropbox folders. Is this possible? Thank you!

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No, it is not possible. Not a bad idea, though, you can always make a Feature Request.

However, as much as I find the idea interesting, it’s also incredibly specific and I doubt it would be of value to many people, so I question if it’s a valid one to spend time implementing (not to mention it could clutter the interface a bit).

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