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  1. Software versions:


    iOS - 9.0.1

    OS X - 10.11

    Alfred - v2.8 (414)

    Alfred Remote - v1.1


    I am trying to use a clipboard snippet on Remote to send text from my iPhone clipboard to my OS X clipboard. It's not sending the clipboard from iOS, but just putting my OS X clipboard into the snippet on my OS X clipboard.


    The clipboard snippet:

    here is clipboard: {clipboard}

    I do the following:


    1. Copy text onto iOS clipboard

    2. Open Alfred Remote

    3. Tap my clipboard action (called "Clipboard")

    4. "Clipboard - OK" appears in the upper right

    5. Paste on my Mac into Sublime text editor

    6. I see my snippet with the previous Mac clipboard text inserted ("here is clipboard: previous Mac clipboard")


    Am I doing something wrong here?

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