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Welcome to the Alfred forum!


Hi there,

We have set up this forum to give Alfred users a place to talk about the latest features, swap workflows, themes and ideas. Please read through the few Q&A's below, and familiarise yourself with the Community Guidelines. :)

How can I join the Alfred beta?

The Alfred beta is reserved to Mega Supporter users at this time.

You'll be required to enter your Powerpack email address when registering for the forum, so keep it handy!

I've registered, why can't I see the forum topics?

At this early stage, we are approving every user manually to keep the forum limited to v2 beta users, as it helps us manage the amount of feedback we receive. As such, it may take a few hours before I can approve your account. (Remember that we're in the UK, so I may not be awake at the same time as you are.)

Keep an eye on your inbox, as you'll receive a confirmation to the email address you provided as soon as I've approved your account. Once you receive this email, you'll be able to log in and participate.

What is the forum for?

The forum is for:

  • Reporting issues you encounter during the beta: We'd be grateful if you could keep bug reports off Twitter and other public outlets, and help us by reporting them as clearly as you can in the forum.
  • Discussing workflows (and themes) you create: The workflows feature is extremely powerful and you'll be able to extend Alfred in numerous ways. You can talk to other workflow creators and swap ideas!

What if I need help?

Andrew and I are working very hard to get Alfred v2 ready for public release as soon as possible. As such, I'll pop in and out of the forum, and will get the help of moderators, but can't promise that you'll get an answer right away, so please be patient (or let us know if you've discovered a way to grow extra arms - we're still looking!)

Most of all, thanks for taking part in the beta! :)



Co-founder, Running with Crayons Ltd, and Alfred's mum

Edited by Vero

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