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Welcome to the Alfred forum!


Hi there,


We have set up this forum to give Alfred users a place to talk about the latest features, swap workflows, themes and ideas. Please familiarise yourself with the Community Guidelines, and ensure that you fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile before taking part in Powerpack-specific conversations (such as workflows and Powerpack-only features). :)


What is the forum for?


The forum is for:

  • Discussing workflows you're using and new ones you create: The workflows feature is extremely powerful and you'll be able to extend Alfred in numerous ways. Chat with fellow workflow creators and swap ideas!
  • Sharing how you use Alfred's features: Got a great custom search? A new theme you love? Did something really cool with Workflows? Let community members know so that they can do the same.
  • Finding answers when you're stumped: Alfred is generously documented, and the preferences contain question mark icons which take you to the relevant support pages. You can also type "help" and your search term in Alfred. If you're unable to find an answer, search the forum to see if anyone else has asked the same question. Still can't find it? Start a thread in the relevant forum section with as much details as you can, so that we, and the community, can help you out.


Most of all, remember to have fun and be kind to fellow community members. :) 




Alfred co-founder

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