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  1. 9 hours ago, juliosecco said:


    it seems that you have simply added the folder to Alfred's buffer

    the buffer is a place where you temporary add files/folders while browsing, and then you'll be able to perform an action on them all at the same time


    here some info about adding files/folders to and using the buffer, and how to remove them





    Thanks for your detailed explanation. It looks like there's a lot more for me to explore in Alfred.

  2. So I was messing around with workflow tonight and after I was done, I realized there's a folder icon appeared on the upper left corner of my Alfred search bar (see pic.) It does not appear if I call out Alfred clipboard. Hovering on it will show the name and path of the folder, clicking on it will open the folder in Finder.


    I'm not sure how I got it up there and how to remove it. Tried to google but could not find anything about this... Appreciate any help on this issue.


    Update: I just removed the folder by using "shift" + drag, but still would love to know how I put it up there.


    Update: Ok, to remove it, it's actually "alt" + click on the icon.



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