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  1. Hello guys, 


    I use RStudio everyday and often  have to switch between several RStudio projects. I wonder if there exists a Alfred workflow to show all my active RStudio projects and quickly switch to it. I don’t want to use cmd+tab since there are too many projects. What I need is: 


    1. Using key word to show all active RStudio projects. 

    2. Switch to it using up/down arrow and enter key, or using cmd+number


    Thanks in advance!


    Hello guys, 


    I ofter work with data and do lots of data cleaning. I often need to manually convert .xls, .txt file into .csv file. It would be great if there is a workflow, for example using VBA or command line, to automatically do such converting. Unfortunately I am not familiar with VBA or other tools to accomplish this task. Any suggestion? 



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