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  1. LinguaLeo Workflow v1.1.0 Hello there! I've written this workflow for myself but maybe it comes in handy for some other Russian-speaking people who learn English. Features: - Translate and pronouncing words (and phrases) by shortcut - Add words to your dictionary - Output dictionary and filter it only by phrase or words - Other v1.1.0 can be downloaded here: https://github.com/PazzaVlad/alfred-lingualeo/releases/download/1.1.0/LinguaLeo.Translate.alfredworkflow?raw=true GitHub repo: https://github.com/PazzaVlad/alfred-lingualeo
  2. Hi. great idea! But the link is broken) can you upload it one more time? Thanks)
  3. Hi, guys! I try to write my workflow for working with Lingualeo.com (it's Russian service for learning English ). Translating works well, but when I try to add a word and its translation to Lingualeo the letter "й" replace to the letter "и". I'm sure this problem in one of my python scripts because when I tried to hardcode translation with this "й" letter - it works fine. So it's not Lingualeo's API problem... The weird thing that in notification it works fine. I guess it's sort of automatic normalization or some problem with encoding but I'm just a beginner. I would be very gratefu
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