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  1. If you change your home folder keycombo to ⇧⌘2 is it slower? if not then there is nothing with Alfred. Might be that you have a lot in your downloads folder.

    You could try out opening different folders.



    Thanks again and sorry for the late response. I must confess, to my shame, that I haven't tested this behavior enough and that the number of files/apps in the respective folder are causing the slower experience. My home folder has 13 objects (quick), my download folder around 90 (slower) and my program folder 130 (even slower). 


    Even tough I'm convinced that opening the folder in v2 was quicker than in v3, the hotkey configuration has no influence to that.

  2. Keep in mind that you have to save after you changed the "Trigger behaviour", else it won't make a differents.

    I can't replicate your behaviour as any keycombo i set it to behaves the same, just "Pass through modifier keys (Fastest)" is a bit faster.

    Other than that Alfred 3 should behave the same as Alfred 2. I don't know of any changes in this field.


    Have to say that I'm on OS X 10.11.5 maybe that's why idk mmhh



    Oh, good point, I haven't saved the Trigger behaviour.  :unsure:


    Now the home folder (⇧⌘x) opens nearly instantly and opening my download folder (⇧⌘2) is also quicker but still a bit slower (still talking in fraction of a second).

  3. Could you double click on your hotkeys and click the little command sign with an arrow up(or just right click in the window).

    There check what you've set as Trigger behaviour. If its set to after release etc. That could be your time difference



    Thanks! The Trigger behaviour is always set to this:




    I tried the other options but unfortunately the there's no difference to before.

  4. Hi there,


    I'm aware that my 'problem' isn't that dramatic but I updated from V2 to V3 today and recognized that opening folders with a specific hotkey takes longer than before.


    For example:

    • ⇧⌘x opens my home folder --> nearly as quick as before (takes probably a little bit longer, but we're only talking about a fraction of a second)
    • ⇧⌘2 opens my download folder --> takes half a second longer than ⇧⌘x
    • ⇧⌘? opens my program folder --> also takes half a second longer than ⇧⌘x

    My environment:

    • Mac mini 2011, Evo 850 500GB
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 10.9.5
    • German Keyboard
    • Alfred 3.0, Build 652, Thursday 19th May

    If any other information is needed, please let my know.


    Thanks in advance and best regards


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