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  1. Welcome @kzssc, It’s not more inefficient than your proposal because you’ll only do it once. When you want to add an extra search later on, you do it in the Workflow. And they can be added as fallback options.
  2. For now I’m opting to deprecate this one. The API has been dead for a while and haven’t found an acceptable alternative.
  3. There were no objections or comments to the previous post, so the (probable) last version using youtube-dl is now out. If you have yt-dlp, it’ll continue checking for updates, but if you don’t it won’t. I’ll release the first version using yt-dlp at a later point. It may take up to a month to ensure everyone is on the current one. Still open to suggestions of a better way to include yt-dlp with the Workflow.
  4. Packal is up again. Which doesn’t invalidate any of the previous points, they continue to be equally true.
  5. Welcome @Lino, Moved your post to a more appropriate forum and as a new topic so it can get the proper visibility. I’m not on Monterey yet so I can’t test, but you should be able to list your shortcuts via /usr/bin/shortcuts list, then parsing that output to an Alfred Script Filter.
  6. New release is out. It expands gd to differentiate between cache missing or being built and prevents immediate sequential cache rebuilds.
  7. Yes. You’re running the commands multiple times and making them trample each other.
  8. Welcome @LSDog, Packal’s development ceased years ago and has been officially recommended against for just as long (and for that reason). Note that website was always a third-party resource. The official venue to share Workflows is these forums. Alfred itself is alive and well and under active development. Similarly, new Workflows are created and released all the time. Further yet, there are plenty of other third-party venues to share Workflows, such as Alfred’s subreddit and Pacmax. If you need any of Packal’s Workflows, they should still be accessible from the GitHub repo it used. Though I’ll reinforce these forums are the official place to share Workflows.
  9. Update. Ignore move_on_add once with ⌘. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  10. Heads up on a possible future change. Right now, this Workflow uses youtube-dl. If you don’t have it, the Workflow will install and update it for you without messing with your system. As you may know, youtube-dl’s development is stalled. As far as I’m aware, the developers stopped frequenting the repo and haven’t appointed successors. While it isn’t broken yet, it’s a matter of time if the situation doesn’t change. Forks began to crop up, yt-dlp rising in popularity. I want to switch the Workflow to yt-dlp, but it poses a challenge: it depends on Python 3, which does not ship with macOS. That means—unlike youtube-dl—downloading it isn’t a guarantee it will run. It will if installed with Homebrew. Supporting two versions of the Workflow isn’t viable. But I also don’t want to raise the dependency use of (and answer support requests from) dozens of people without warning. Current plan: Release a version which uses youtube-dl but checks if you have yt-dlp installed. If you do, It will continue its update track to the new Workflow version. If you don’t, a message will be shown to the debugger warning you need to install yt-dlp and not check for updates. This way the Workflow won’t break due to the new dependency and people can move slowly as they have issues. New users will use the new versions from the start. I’m open to other ideas. If nothing betters is suggested until the end of the week, I’ll proceed with the above.
  11. Or even just plain interesting. I’m not a Karabiner user, but from a technical perspective I’d be curious to see this configuration.
  12. Made a new release. Expanded and reordered the instructions.Rewrote the second post to be tips on how to debug issues.Made the Workflow loudly announce (both in the debugger and in a notification) when the issue is a non-existent Google Drive directory.
  13. That’s not an explanation of your steps. You copied the instructions and said “I did this”. Those don’t make sense. Be specific. You haven’t even followed the post I mentioned and didn’t post the debugger output.
  14. A Universal Action is a trigger. You don’t execute triggers, they are what executes other things. What you’re looking for is to connect to External Triggers.
  15. Neither do we. You have to explain exactly what you’re doing to receive help. Preferably make a video. And please be sure to check Reporting Problems with Workflows beforehand.
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