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  1. Validity of find search results

    @Vinny For indexing issues/solutions, check “Alfred can't find the files I'm searching for”.
  2. Splitting and reassembling text?

    Welcome @ttrop, Could you give a few real (or at least real-looking) examples? For example, if any f your answers has spaces in them, this becomes harder.
  3. Clipboard items not transient

    Hello and Welcome, @Emil, We can’t properly help you without access to your Workflow. Debugging can already be hard with access to the code, and you’re asking us to guess yours from a description. There are multiple places where you code or Workflow setup may be going wrong. Without looking at it we’re shooting in the dark, which is a waste of time for everyone involved (including you). Read the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to build an effective report.
  4. I suspected as much. I’m not yet on High Sierra, so I can’t test. No ETA yet as to when I’m going to upgrade; I always do a clean install so it requires some planning and free time.
  5. @gingerbeardman @WyldKard Unfortunately, without an error there’s not much I can do in terms of debugging, since I can’t reproduce what is happening in your setups. What version of macOS are you both using?
  6. Validity of find search results

    Hello and welcome, @Vinny, As you use Alfred, it learns which files to prioritise. Something that weighs in that decision is frecency (how recently and how frequently you’ve picked a result). Since you did a fresh install all previously acquired knowledge was lost, which is why you’re perceiving a difference — your previous install knew about your choices but your current one doesn’t. Continue your normal use and you should start to notice the results improving.
  7. Alfred doesn't see some files

    Hello and welcome, @FGM, Seems like you still missed some of the steps/solutions from “Alfred can't find the files I'm searching for”. Want to give those a try?
  8. @WyldKard Open the debugger, set the log output to “All Information”, and post the output.
  9. Saves the selected text to a file

    Welcome to the forums, @Anton Maslak, The typical way to share your Workflows is to export and share them. Very few people (likely zero) will actually bother to read and follow the instructions to recreate such a Workflow from scratch.
  10. That may be due to how weirdly the search is in IPBoard (which this forum uses). If you start searching from inside this post, for example, by default it’ll search only for content inside this post. Nice in theory, but in practice that is insane, and rarely what one wants to do.
  11. Perhaps it works like iCloud Drive, where a file can either be the file itself or a reference, and the software makes that decision. That would explain why it worked before and stopped.
  12. Have you searched the other posts asking about this? It’s likely you’ll find the answer in there.
  13. Quit All - blacklist

    Hello and welcome, @Christian.Rs, No, that cannot be done with the default actions. You can either: Code your own. Set up Alfred to open those apps right after it issues the command to closed all apps.
  14. Hello, @chutnacik I ask that in the future you do a search on the forums before posting. Search for “high sierra lag” and you’ll find this post is a duplicate of over a dozen others. It’s a well known issue. To fix it, look for “lag” in this blog post and follow the tips.