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  1. What’s your macOS version? Have you tried the troubleshooting steps?
  2. @kodiak Looks Like I forgot to answer your questions. I’ve answered that before. No. I think I considered and abandoned that idea, at one point.
  3. Update. Allow quicklook on files and streams. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  4. Welcome, Yes, it is possible with a Workflow. Connect a Hotkey Trigger to a Show Alfred Utility.
  5. So what you’re looking for isn’t to send a hotkey, but to paste text. You should always describe the desired outcome, not the solution you imagined. Use a Copy to Clipboard Output — it has a checkbox to paste the text.
  6. Welcome, License-related issues should be handled in private, due to them containing confidential information. As such, please contact @Vero via email. She’s the person that will be able to answer your questions. Please comment back after you’ve seen this message, so I can hide this post. Normally I wouldn’t do so, but since your username seems to be a valid email address, we wouldn’t want it to be picked up by a spam bot.
  7. Connect a Keyword (or whatever trigger you prefer) to a Run Script Action with Language set to /bin/bash. Set the code to: open --wait-apps -a 'APP' diskutil eject '/Volumes/DISK' Replace APP with your app’s name (e.g. Safari) and DISK with your drive’s name. If you don’t know the drive’s name, open a terminal and run ls /Volumes with it connected. You still need to run the Workflow for it to eject the drive after the app closes, but it doesn’t matter if the app was open at the time or not. On a tangential note, when asking for help, it helps us help you if you’re as specific as possible. For example, instead of saying “I have an app”, tell us what the app is. More often than not, those details matter.
  8. Inside your Run Script Action, include a check for the exit status of your command, to see if it failed or succeeded. Depending on the outcome, make it output a different message. Then use a Conditional Utility to decide the next step.
  9. @Michael Cordell Have you tried rebooting? I think I’ve seen this happen before with Chrome waiting to be updated but not restarted (to finish the update) for a long while. I’m suggesting a full reboot since Safari is also affected; it may be a temporary issue with Gatekeeper. In the meantime, if you open a terminal and run curl 'https://cachefly.alfredapp.com/Alfred_4.0.1_1078.dmg' --output "${HOME}/Desktop/Alfred4.dmg", you should get a working DMG in your Desktop, since curl doesn’t quarantine downloads.
  10. Welcome @Steve1855, You may have a corrupted database, or be copying from apps that don’t work well with the clipboard history. Check the troubleshooting steps.
  11. Welcome @Kaisersoze, There’s nothing you can do to fix it, unless reverting back to Mojave. Catalina is a beta OS and should not be used lightly. This will be either fixed on Apple’s side or Alfred’s side. @Andrew Seems like the problematic icons are the ones that map to system apps, so it’s bound to be connected to the file system hierarchy restructuring. However, they did say in the WWDC talk that this is not supposed to be noticed, and they use the new firmlinks to make the connection to old locations. They also said that on the first beta the read-only file system is still read-write and that will change in a future build, so this may also not be finalised yet. This might be worth not looking into so soon.
  12. @deivuh Opened this as a feature request. Marking this one as solved so we can focus on that one.
  13. In your Run Script, instead of with input as {query} use with input as argv. Then cycle through sys.argv.
  14. Welcome @deivuh, There are several unit conversion Workflows for Alfred, take your pick.
  15. Updates. I’ve changed the Keyword from bt to btt. On the technical side, it’s no longer a Keyword but a Script Filter, and it gives you visual indication of the connection state, just for fun. There was also the small issue that since both states were toggled, it was possible to get into the situation where states were reversed. No more! Now turning bluettooth on always turns on the icon, and vice-versa. I’ve also added the Keyword (again, Script Filter) btd which shows your paired devices, if they’re connected, and lets you toggle that connection state. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
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