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  1. vitor

    Hot Key List

    I have no idea what you call a list, but that’s what that is. If you want something different, you’ll need to be explicit on what you’re looking for.
  2. No, Alfred doesn’t provide that interface for use in Workflows. There may already be a Feature Request for something like it, if you search the forum.
  3. Have you done all steps? Have you added everything to the search scope? Does Spotlight find your files?
  4. Welcome @Mekrur, Check the troubleshooting steps.
  5. Yes. Call Alfred and type ?hotkeys or ?keywords depending on what you’re looking for.
  6. Tried this right now and it worked for me: On the Mac, I turned on Optimise Mac Storage on the iCloud Drive preferences. On the iPhone, I went into the Photos app, picked one and on the Share Menu did a Save to Files and saved to iCloud Drive. The photo showed up on the Mac undownloaded. The important steps should be to turn on Optimise Mac Storage on the target Mac and then adding a file to iCloud Drive from a different device.
  7. Why would you assume that? You’ve been part of this community long enough to know we don’t shy way from questions, no matter how simple. You should instead assume no one had the chance to look at it; or is busy; or enjoying a break; or missed this post; or doesn’t know; or can’t test. I doubt there’s a single post on this forum from the past half-decade (likely longer, probably ever) that was left without a reply for having an obvious answer. I’m optimistic you didn’t mean anything negative by it, but I am also surprised you’d entertain that idea as a genuine possibility. I, for one, don’t have any of those undownloaded iCloud files to perform tests on and it’s not like you can give us one. I’m also too weary of iCloud Drive behaviour to risk playing with letting them be deleted or not, but even if I were to do it it’s not like we have control over it. Posting multiple times in a row also doesn’t help. From an outside view (e.g. checking on posts via RSS), frequent posting seems to indicate a discussion is going underway, which tends to mean progress is being made. Try changing the file association, as mentioned. If you can’t do it via a GUI, try duti (available on Homebrew). You may need to run mdls the file for useful information.
  8. Seems like that team got gutted in the recent layoffs, so forget that. They should’ve fired the executives instead, beginning with the ones that lead the Pocket acquisition and the Mr. Robot crossover. I have no hope for the future (or present) of Mozilla or Firefox. I do hope that Rust can survive independently.
  9. vitor

    Hot Key List

    Which is exactly what it does. If it’s not showing you more hotkeys, either you have none set up or you have something misconfigured. Please post a screenshot of your invocation. This is explained in a recent official blog post.
  10. Welcome @SSZ, This problem has nothing to do with Alfred. It should be asked about somewhere else more general. Try Ask Different. You should avoid installing beta OS versions on your main devices (or at all).
  11. Yes, my mistake. I somehow missed the intermediary line and saw set and return as coming right after each other. On the larger point, I’m glad someone is still trying but I think it’s more likely for AppleScript to die than for Firefox to ever support it properly. Maybe we’ll get something when Shortcuts comes to macOS (if that’s going to be scriptable at all, which is a big “if”), but even then probably not before Firefox switches to Servo, assuming that’s ever going to happen.
  12. Something outside of Alfred is going wrong, then. Alfred doesn’t collapse your newlines like that. Which application are you pasting into?
  13. I don’t see what the issue is. Simply remove the <br> from the substitution and it works as you requested.
  14. That’s an old Workflow that doesn’t take advantage of modern Alfred concepts—it was built for Alfred 2. It also hasn’t been available for a good while—check the download link, it’s a 404.
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