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  1. I don’t think that claim can be substantiated without data. You’re arguing that from every person that buys Alfred’s powerpack, more bought an extra app and use a particular feature of it than all that use an Alfred native feature. Even if it were a niche feature, then it wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t call it that much anyway for it to be an issue. It’s so easy to change the shortcut (in either app), and there are so few complaints (just this one?) that I don’t see it as a real necessity. Furthermore, I use the same shortcut in both apps, and never get confused: my brain just assumes that being in Chrome or the Finder will call one or the other. I’m not opposed to changing the default, I just have my doubts that argument holds as a reason to do it.
  2. I thought it would’ve gotten that capability with the latest pre-release, but apparently that action didn’t. No problem; easy fix. Just leave everything as is (including the{query} in the Open URL) but add a single Run Script between them. In it, leave everything as is but make Script: read pbpaste.
  3. My use case can now be accomplished in Alfred 3.3 b787 pre-release. [{query}]({clipboard:1})
  4. You can, but you need to do the legwork yourself. Check the Reminders workflow; it handles dates and times well.
  5. @rhlsthrm Your vision is still far off from reality, and as stated above Alfred is not ideal for this because it is too versatile. Your vision requires what Apple is doing with Siri: limited capabilities that will expand over time. Also, Alfred has a team of two. Apple, Google, and other companies have immense teams working on just this, not to mention the abundance of independent researchers. To get a sense for the current state of the technology, you’re likely to find something on Two Minute Papers. As the technology stands now, there’s no way it would make sense for Alfred to go down this path. If you want to shout commands at your computer for Alfred to execute, you can do it now and have been able to for years. You can add dictation commands to run things on your machine. But to have it correctly interpret what you want in freeform speech, as it stands it is not a feature request, it is a mere concept.
  6. Tip for the future: you don’t need a full-blown workflow for this. A custom search accomplishes the same.
  7. No, it is not possible. The vast majority of workflows are user built and you can’t really automatically derive context from them automatically. They’re built in so many different ways and with so many languages, that’s not really feasible. Also, considering the power of what Alfred workflows can do (anything a script can), I’m glad that’s the case. You really don’t want to be bitten by a misinterpretation. Just look at the companies with the most money and the best engineers. They can barely do it acceptably! Siri itself just got her capabilities opened to third party developers, and they have to plug into their API, it’s not like she does it automatically. Natural language processing is something you can add to a specific workflow, but it’s not something you can make Alfred do automatically. Unless of course you’re only referring to Alfred’s default capabilities, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
  8. It is unlikely this has anything to do with font rendering. Those aren’t the typical “not found” error squares one sees, and appear to be two distinct characters ([]). In addition, they all stop and start working at exactly the same place: when there’s a context change. This is probably an issue with either the workflow or the source it is reading from, not Alfred. This is reinforced by the notion that you’re not seeing it happen with every workflow. Open the debugger, and check the output for errors. Post it on the workflow’s thread, where you’ll get more targeted help.
  9. Did you go through all the troubleshooting steps?
  10. Alfred can’t run a workflows automatically whenever you update your clipboard. By design, Alfred needs to be deliberately called. I’ve made LinkClean to clean links, but since I don’t use facebook I have no idea what unnecessary cruft they usually add to links, hence cannot clean it. If you can give me detailed examples of those, I can add them to the workflow (or you can submit them yourself).
  11. Showing it as large type will take the focus from Alfred, meaning you’ll have to call it again. A better option might be to show it with Quick Look (Features → File Search → Previews → Quick Look). You can’t do it with a Keyword, but you can do it with a Script Filter. It has a quicklookurl property. Make a text file with the details of your options and press the Quick Look shortcut to preview the file.
  12. You’ll have a greater chance by asking in those threads. If someone knows how to do it, they will be there.
  13. There are multiple workflows for Omnifocus.
  14. Make sure you’re on the latest version. Open the debugger, and post the output.