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  1. Favorite folders

    Is this the one?
  2. That’s by design. To disable it go to Alfred Preferences → Advanced → Selection Hotkeys → [pick] Restore previous clipboard item (uses more memory).
  3. macOS text replacements don’t work in every app, making them immediately less useful. You can search in Alfred and drag and drop the result directly from Alfred to the save panel. Take a look at Fuzzy Folders. No. Alfred Preferences → Features → Clipboard → Advanced → (untick) Move items to top of clipboard history when used No, but you can ⌘L to see them as Large Type No.
  4. Update wiped out my workflows

    Hello @spuder, Do you have a Time Machine backup, or do you sync your preferences to a cloud service, such as Dropbox?
  5. Applications intermittently not found

    Hello @ThomasBeuls, Could you please try the search troubleshooting steps?
  6. Undo deletion of Snippet collection

    For those without backups that land here, if you sync your Alfred preferences with Dropbox you can go to the website and recover what you deleted, or revert things to a previous time.
  7. I do it by invoking 'mobile. Don’t forget to make sure ~/Library/Mobile Documents is included in your Search Scope.
  8. There’s a good chance that’s caused by a specific Workflow doing a heavy task, perhaps due to a bug. It has happened before. Just to be sure, you could run the fix in that post (it’ll do nothing if it finds nothing to fix). Then you should keep an eye to see if Alfred’s usage spikes again, and if it does try to recall which Workflows you invoked recently.
  9. Hello @Bruno Scheele, It’s harder to help you without access to your Workflow. Debugging can already be hard with access to the code, and you’re asking us to guess yours from a description. For future reports, please read the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to build an effective report. But if I understood the problem correctly, it seems that you might be using an Argument and Variables Utility to save the keywords, and leaving the Argument part to {query}. Delete it instead (leaving the text blank), and nothing will be passed to the next node.
  10. Do ⌘L on the relevant item and it’ll show as Large Type showing the text in full, scaled to fit the screen.
  11. Email ID, search, sort

    Hello @Vesuvius, If you can do it from the command-line, it’s likely you can do it from Alfred. Your question is really vague, though. Identify, search, and sort what? Do you have a list of emails in a CSV format that you want to sort via different methods? Then yes, you can do it. Is it something else? Then we’ll need specific details, as we can’t guess what you really want to achieve. Similarly, if we don’t know the specifics of what you want to do on macOS, there’s no way for us to tell if it can be done in Windows. But either way that’s out of scope for Alfred, as it’s a macOS-only app. Finally, what do you mean by “a difference in PowerPack as posed to Alfred 3”? Are you asking if the PowerPack makes a difference versus not having it? Yes, it makes a huge difference. Workflows alone would already make it worth it, and that’s the feature that’ll be able to solve your issue, since it allows you to build your own tools to extend Alfred. Welcome to the forums, and remember that being specific beats being terse. We need as much detail as possible to be able to answer your questions.
  12. Heck that was fast! Glad to know it’s a bug with a specific macOS version and not a deliberate change by Apple. Thank you for the light speed debugging!
  13. A few days ago I’ve noticed I lost the ability to quicklook web pages directly from Alfred. Pressing ⇧ on a result of ShortFilms, for example, results in this: I’ve tried older Alfred versions and the result is the same, so this is not a bug introduced recently. I’ve also tried changing my default web browser, lest it be Chrome being weird, but the problem remains. I don’t remember any particular change to my machine. I’m left to think this is a problem introduced by a recent macOS update (Security Update 2018-002 is a good candidate). At this point, before banging my head further trying to find a cause on my end, I’m interested in knowing if someone else is experiencing this issue. Alfred 3.6.1 (910), but I’ve also tried 3.5 (876) and 3.4 (850). macOS 10.12.6 (16G1314) Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181 Safari 11.1 (12605.
  14. Issues with Google Drive File Stream

    Welcome @ThomasBeuls, Everyone. This is an issue on Google’s side, and you should make your voice heard on their forums.
  15. As far as I’m aware, yes. I know, and that’s where my previous reply applies. You can’t simply restart a process; not how you can an app. They are not the same thing. Open Google Chrome, then search for it in with the Workflow. You’ll find a bunch of Google Chrome Helper processes. Those are not the app. Restarting those would not restart Chrome, and they are managed by Chrome, as they should be. It is possible to restart apps with Alfred, but that’s not what this Workflow is about; this Workflow is about processes. To restart apps, you’d need to build something different.