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  1. I’ve opened this as a bug report with Apple and they closed it as a duplicate of another bug that is still open. To me that suggests this behaviour did indeed change on their part (as I mentioned in the top post, I could swear this used to work in the very same Workflow it fails now) and that they intend to fix it.
  2. Quick and dirty and without much testing, but this should work.
  3. Great news! I’ve already implemented the functionality in my Workflows, so it should “just work” soon.
  4. I can reproduce this. Strange. Well, definitely not an issue with Alfred, then. I’ll open a bug report with Apple. Thank you for looking into it.
  5. You need to press ↩ twice, on the last line.
  6. Welcome, @zxspectrum, It’s unlikely that can be done. Automating both the browser and a webpage is prone to errors and will likely never work correctly, especially since it needs to automate the file upload dialog. The alternative is to use the Google-provided API, but as far as I’m aware that is no longer available. You might try something like TinyEye, but access to their API is paid.
  7. There you go. Quick and dirty with little testing, but should work. Assign it a keyboard shortcut, and when you want to fix some text, select it all and press the shortcut. Text will be replaced with the fixed version. It only fixes two uppercase letters in a row that are not followed by a non-space character, which should cover your case.
  8. If they claim that (though I don’t remember ever seeing that touted as a feature, when I was a user) you should open a bug report with them. Maybe it’s an easy fix. Either way, as you’ve probably gathered Alfred currently cannot do this for you. Not while you type, at least. You could type your text and then fire a workflow to fix all twin capitals after the fact, however. You could also have this work as you type by making a specific snippet for every possible pair of twin capitals. Doable, but that’s still over one thousand of them.
  9. What do you mean? Can you me more specific on what’s your purpose for that functionality?
  10. It should be possible, since they have an API. But you need to make a Workflow to communicate with said API.
  11. It is technically possible, but it’s not a feature I plan to add. Few people want it, and it requires ffmpeg or avconv to be installed. The workflow currently has support for those but it’s strictly optional: if you have them it takes advantage of their features, if you don’t it does not. The first posts in this thread go into that discussion.
  12. To be clear, I hadn’t tried in Run NSAppleScript before. I just did so now for the sake of completeness on the report. This occurs on a seldom used workflow of mine, so unfortunately I don’t know exactly when it stopped working. It’s quite possible I’ve updated macOS and/or Alfred in the meantime since it worked. Also, for now I have an acceptable workaround by using an Open URL before the rest of the code. So at least for me, having this fixed is low priority. I’m mostly reporting the issue in case it’s something deeper that needs to be fixed in Alfred. Thank you as always for the fast response.
  13. Get ratings from metacritic for different types of media. Supports movies (movie), games (game), TV shows (tv), and music albums (album). Download | Source
  14. I could swear this was working a few weeks ago, and then it stopped working. If I have a Run Script with /usr/bin/osascript (AS) and open location "" it errors out with execution error: "" doesn’t understand the “open location” message. (-1708). If the code is in a Run NSApplescript there’s no error, but nothing happens. The code works fine in Script Editor, just not in Alfred. Here’s a ready made workflow.
  15. Great to know, @boddicker! And thank you for the nice words.