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  1. What about @Vero’s suggestions? Did any of those work? Please let us know if you need clarification on any of the steps.
  2. ⇧: isn’t even possible on a Portuguese keyboard, as : is achieved via ⇧.. What’s your keyboard layout, @pinoguy321? Is : a standalone key with nothing on ⇧? That seems weird, to me.
  3. Welcome @Andy Matthews, I’ll advise against that, for several reasons: mackup’s syncing is done via symlinks, which is imperfect and problematic in many cases. Alfred has its own update mechanism. That’s what you should use. Last I checked, mackup’s developer (to their credit) refused to add Alfred syncing because that feature is part of Alfred’s PowerPack. Are you sure it’s working? That might or might not be the case, but that’s what you should check for first. Unsync Alfred from mackup and try again. If it works, use Alfred’s syncing in the future; you’ll save yourself some trouble.
  4. Welcome @Rolli, Open Alfred and run reload. Does that fix it?
  5. Welcome @lllshamanlll, No, it is not possible.
  6. Welcome @Alfred0, You were close. What you’re looking for is g↵.
  7. Somebody will know the reason. Have you tried contacting the Trickster developers? Maybe it’s a bug and you’re trying to build a workaround for something that will be fixed on a newer version.
  8. Connect two Copy to Clipboard Output, but add a Delay Utility between them (even 0.5 seconds worked, in my tests). On the second Copy to Clipboard Output, have {clipboard:1} instead of {query}.
  9. It’s simpler with Alfred, and doesn’t require a second paid app running on the system. I don’t think our first suggestion should ever be to recommend an extra app, unless we’re certain it isn’t possible with the main software (in this case Alfred) alone. @VeryVito Connect a Hotkey Trigger to a Show Alfred Utility, and you’re good to go.
  10. Welcome @evan, That’s not enough information for us to debug the issue. Per your description, this seems to be related solely to macOS and not Alfred. What do you mean when you say you “couldn't switch the window to emacs”? What exactly was your setup and what were your steps?
  11. No, but you might by opening the Feedback Assistant and complaining to Apple. On WWDC they claimed they wouldn’t stop you from running software you want, but these prompts get really close. They’re going against their own advice from an older WWDC already, so I wouldn’t trust this won’t get worse.
  12. Welcome @Ian Robert Douglas, Don’t beat yourself up so hard; programming is already hard enough. There are moments when concepts click in our heads, but even then it’s still hard. Try this modified Workflow. It’s untested but it should work (famous last words). It’s simple enough that you can prod at will and may be able to understand everything, but if you don’t, ask!
  13. Update. Let Alfred filter results in wlu. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  14. I think there’s already a feature request for this. You can fake it by duplicating the Keyword node and connection and changing the keyword in the copy.
  15. Open the debugger, set the log output to “All Information”, and run your Workflow. What’s the output?
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