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  1. Thanks, there was a sample file on the file-filter page that helped me set up a workflow.
  2. Is there a way to set Alfred to search the filename and in the file at the same time?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I tried the setting to keep the window in a new location, but it also makes the main window appear in the same spot, not really what I wanted. Id like to keep the Alfred search window in the center (default) and the clipboard off to the side. I need to see the text in my word processor and the clipboard at the same time, if you know what I mean. Ive reinstalled ClipMenu, a truly great little program for sure.
  4. I just wanted to provide some feedback. Ive been using ClipMenu (free) for a while and really like it. I'd like to use Alfred's Clipboard function but it feels clunky and gets in the way. It would be nice if you could move the window that appears in a position and keep it there, otherwise, it's just in the way when Im editing. Also, dislike that the image preview is not inline already.
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