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  1. @dfay Thanks for that link I already knew. But I'd like to use Alfred in the same way I use DevonThink. Once you toggle Alfred, you write your text in the window and Alfred saves it into Ulysses.
  2. Hi everyone! I sometimes use Ulysses app and I'd like to be able to create another sheet from any other app I would be working in as I can do with DevonThink. How could I do that? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi! I've posted a short video about the way I use Alfred in order to take a note in my favorite note-taking app, I mean: Tinderbox. I've created a two actions workflow that allows me to use Tinderbox as an inbox, exactly as I do when I enter a task in Omnifocus or archive a web page with DEVONthink Pro. The video is on my blog. Any suggestion to improve that workflow? Thanks.
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