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  1. @CJK Thanks so much for this terrific job. I really appreciate your time and efforts. After getting your last version, I ran it and I think something was deleted in your procedure, since it produced no file at all. I have included it also in my Automator workflow, and all the actions preceding the Applescript got results, but nothing came out of the script. No results shown. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q8rp4cs8lmi7zb4/AADpmmhTSHL4wqNLldH6fuSla?dl=0 Would you mind checking it ?
  2. @CJKThanks a lot. I changed file, and it seems to be working now. I really admire your competence and your tenacity! One last thing that is strange: when I feed the script with italian text, I may get .en with some files or rightfully so, .it. Apparently its detection of italian is erratic ... I guess that has nothing to do with the script. Again, thanks a lot and great job!!
  3. @CJKSorry, my mistake: I sent the wrong snapshot...
  4. @CJKHi again, I do understand your sighs ;)) but unfortunately the game does not seem over ... Here is a new error message, after fixing the previous one as indicated. I always test with different pdf to make sure the error does not come from the file.
  5. @CJK Thanks for your answer. Here is the error message I get when I run the Applescript on Mojave.
  6. @CJK Thanks so much for your efforts. I am impressed by your work and thank you for your time. I have tried using the Script editor in Mojave with your Applescript and here is the error message I get : And I have used the Automator you provided following your instructions precisely, specified a definite directory to look into, where I had put a pdf file, and got the following message: L’action « Exécuter un script AppleScript » a rencontré une erreur : « *** -[__NSDictionaryM setObject:forKey:]: key cannot be nil » Looks like Mojave is reluctant to accept some instructions.
  7. Problems between Mojave and Applescripts are cited all over the net. I tried to find some explanations on the web and here are 2 possibilities that might help: https://www.jessesquires.com/blog/executing-applescript-in-mac-app-on-macos-mojave/ https://www.felix-schwarz.org/blog/2018/07/apple-event-sandboxing-in-macos-mojave I also found a possible answer that was suggested on a forum and that might work: This worked for me, but it requires converting to an app first! 1. Open the app's plist file is xcode 2. add row (from right click context menu) 3. in ‘key’ column select ‘Privacy - AppleEvents Sending Usage Description’ from the drop down menu (you need to scroll down) 4. add ‘This script needs to control other applications to run.' in the value column. 5. Build the application again... it should now prompt for accessibility and automation permissions. Hope it helps...
  8. Indeed, Mojave might be the source of the problem; since I updated my Os, several of my Automator workflows do not work anymore. But in this case, the workflow rolls fine; all the actions are performed and green-checked. The only issue that I see, is that the Applescript gets a .txt file and results with the same file and not a .pdf file with the lang appended to the name. My guess is that Mojave does not accept and treat the Applescript as it should. I might have to wait for Apple to correct that problem with its future updates. However, I really want to thank you for all the time you have devoted to my problem.
  9. Here we go: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6grp8odam5y076i/AABogVAk7WmSUUapIfu02Tv3a?dl=0
  10. Sorry for that. My mistake, I sent you the wrong workflow. But the problem remains as you can see:
  11. Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t0kw204fgnc5948/AACZn0__tuEwjFfHXvWzyzmHa?dl=0 And again, many thanks for your time and efforts. I really appreciate your assistance.
  12. My Mac Os is 10.14.2 I removed the lines with try and end try and followed all your instructions. All actions get results, but they are all with the .txt file. No pdf file appears in any action results except for the first one. And I don't get any pdf file in the directory mentioning the language when the workflow is completed. The last result is the .txt file without mention of the language. I did not change anything, except for the directory and they keep the same location. Hope this helps.
  13. Here is the message I get when I try to run it:
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