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  1. Thank you @Andrew. I backed up my contacts via iCloud and then deleted all the content in ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources, all is fine now.
  2. Thanks vitor. Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts does solve the problem, but another problem comes: two same contacts are shown in the result list — though two results share the same subtext ("View Contact in Alfred"), they are different in fact: one to view contact in Alfred and another to open Contacts.app. That's confusing.
  3. Hello, Space is normal in European languages names. However, in Chinese Japanese and Korean languages, there is no space between first name and last name. When I search “张无忌” in Alfred, which is the standard full name format, I can't get any result. I have to add a space between first name and last name, to search "张 无忌" so that I can have the right contact. So I suggest to add an option to "Ignore space between first name and last name" in Contacts Search, just as "Show last name before first name" option.
  4. Not really a "bug". But for a designer, this so-called "conflict" between Window Roundness and Result Selected almost drives me crazy. The "conflict" is shown as follows: I see it could be fixed by adding window padding around. But personally I don't really love the padding idea. This is my first report. The second one is about the color. I set the "Result Selected Background Color" as RGB (0,122,255), but each time Alfred would change it into RGB (0,107,251) or something else. I don't get why, but as a designer, I can tell the differences between the two colors. Those two reports above are nothing big, I just come here to share some personal feelings.
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