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    List of Placeholders

    @Vero Thank you for the info. Though, I think my question is being lost. I understand how to use URL Schema's and such. I'm just wondering if there is a special method that Alfred allows to obtain other fields from the contact if selecting a separate field. Perhaps a better way to phrase the question is - is the contact in Alfred an object or is it simple just a string? Thanks a bunch for your patience.
  2. ResNDev

    List of Placeholders

    Does anyone have a list of placeholders in Alfred? I'm trying to do specialty actions with my contacts and other things in Alfred while using local application URLs. However, I'm trying to do things like hit enter on the name, but call a URL using the email address of that same user. Is that possible?
  3. ResNDev

    List of Placeholders

    @Vero Thanks. I found that page, but it had very little to show what is available for all Placeholders (i.e. {query}, for example). I was hoping there was a list or all-in-one reference that someone could point me to. I wasn't able to find one via search.