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  1. Yeah you should move it. It turned out the os thought the disk space was getting low. Except it wasn't. But I did a little prechristmas cleaning anyway and I think that resolved it. Sorry for posting in wrong forum!
  2. Ill try turning off optimization, thanks. Pinning doesnt seem to be available. Maybe they turned it off before final release? the reddit mentions it as a beta feature so it might be in the works.
  3. This might be an icloud drive issue but I figured someone else here might have encountered the same issue and knows how to fix it. I have my alfred config in icloud drive to sync between devices. Now one device, macbook pro, since upgrading to catalina, the files for alfred config starts to get offloaded from the mac every now and then so i need to force download in finder to have proper working alfred. Anyone who knows how i can force keep the alfred config folder downloaded? Thanks
  4. Hi I would love to be able to add exclusion filters in alfred so that alfred dont index any dir named node_modules or any compiled file like*.pyc Thanks
  5. Its very common that I want to past text as "plain text". For example If i copy formatted text I want to be able to paste it with clipboard without the formattation, ie plain text. Thanks
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