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  1. I've a script filter that takes an optional argument. I'll often run it several times in a row with the same argument. I can re-run it by triggering it with the usual hotkey and hitting enter to use the same argument I used last time. However, there's a delay where the choices are enumerated by the script and filtered/displayed by Alfred before the enter key will work. I'd like to do away with that delay and with the need to pop up the list at all. Ideally, instead of the usual Command-8 that I use to run the script filter with arguments, Shift-Command-8 will immediately run my script with the same argument as the latest Command-8 invocation. This can certainly be done by my script, it can store the last argument and use it when a special flag is given. Then I'd use a separate script filter to run it. But I'd like to avoid that. Can Alfred handle this?
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