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  1. No worries! I'm due to get a new Mac quite soon, where the macOS matches the hardware spec. Until then the solution I described in will do me for now. Thanks for your patience. Cheers, Carl
  2. As soon as I do that, it reverts back to the fallback web search options... as soon as I type anything following "bw "...
  3. Is there an example that spells all this out? I was trying to follow https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/file-filter/ which seemed to suggest that what I was doing was sufficient.
  4. No the files displayed were not from the specified folder and only came about when I added the file type to the default file types in the third image of my original post. I tried with both "Search for Bitwig files" as the Placeholder Title, as per @Andrew's suggestion, and with "Search folders for '{query}'", which is what I think you are suggesting. Neither of them yield any results... Cheers, Carl
  5. In any case, I've done the unthinkable and adapted my non-Alfred workflow to suit the situation. Before, I had lots of sub-folders named by download date. Now I've consolidated all the .bwpreset files therein to the parent `/Volumes/OS2/Bitwig/Library/Presets/Bitwiggers` folder. Then with a symbolic link named 'bw' in my home folder, I can now activate Alfred with '~bw' and get instant access to the files 😀 It just seems a shame that I couldn't get a workflow-based solution to work. I'll go away and study the tutorials further on issues which are not so pressing 😉 Cheer
  6. No, I meant no sign of .bwpreset files in the results! I understand how the system type works. I've tried dragging .bwpreset files from lots of different folders. They all see to have the same system type, and as such, cannot be added to the list - no error, the entry is just not added.
  7. Okay. I have removed the default results setting, and I have done as you say on the File Filter configuration. I've also followed @Andrew's suggestion... "To make the following suggestion easier, rename the filter (in your first screenshot) to something like "Search for Bitwig files", then type bw into Alfred, and actually select the filter placeholder "Search for Bitwig files". This will then limit all results in Alfred to your subsequent type query for that filter." No sign of 'bwpreset' files whatsoever 🤷‍♂️ I've also tried it with "Search folders fo
  8. Jus for the avoidance of doubt, the only way I can get '.bwpreset' files in any location is to drag a file to the User Defined file settings as shown in the third image in the first post. This results in files from the folder '/Volumes/OS2/Bitwig Packages/Installed Bitwig Packs/1.0/presets/Bitwig/Evolving Sounds and Sequences' being displayed'. Note that there are many other folders sharing the same parent folder containing '.bwpreset' files, but these are not displayed. Note also that only a subset of the files in '/Volumes/OS2/Bitwig Packages/Installed Bitwig Packs/
  9. @Andrew Thanks for the reply! I tried exporting my errant workflow but it seems that I cannot attach it to this message. How do I share the workflow with you? I can't even attach images to this message at the moment - I'm getting some kind of server error from your end. Hopefully you can see this image - I'm using https://imgbb.com As you can see I've only got two other workflows running, the triggers for which as 'd' and 'ff' respectively. It also demonstrates the fact that despite my having specified `/Volumes/OS2/Bitwig/Library/Presets/Bitwig
  10. Alfred 4.1.1 + Powerpack macOS 10.14.6 Alfred and presumably Spotlight have been working perfectly since I did a major disk clean up a couple of years ago 😉 I have bunch of files stored in a folder structure, the root of which is `/Volumes/OS2/Bitwig/Library/Presets/Bitwiggers`. On a fairly regular basis I need to check whether a newly downloaded file is already present so I can disregard it. The aforementioned folder has a number of sub-folders which I would like searched at all times. Essentially I just want to be able to type 'bw <preset name>' and g
  11. Yeah, I love my Cheesegrater! Did I mention it has 32 GB of RAM ?
  12. Sadly I've been forced to uninstall Alfred. I'll try it again when I get a more stable macOS release installed. For now, I'm using Quicksilver, which while not nearly as streamlined and pretty as Alfred, does have the advantage of not being reliant on the underlying Spotlight mechanism. Might be an option for the future, what do you think, @Andrew?
  13. I've tried that as well. After doing the `sudo mdutil -E -i on /` operation, I see that the folder is recreated but with very small files therein.
  14. I tried to disable and then enable the Spotlight server with `sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.metadata.mds.plist` followed by `sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.metadata.mds.plist` followed by `sudo mdutil -E -i on /` (the equivalent of clicking the macOS metadata index button) This gave the "Spotlight server is disabled." message. For some reason, the second of the three commands above doesn't seem to be starting the Spotlight server (I am assuming this is what is supposed to happen
  15. I extracted the script Reindex.sh from the heart of the Alfred app, and ran it from the command line. As I suspected it didn't run because it came up with the "Spotlight server is disabled." message.
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