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  1. Hi @Vero I followed all of those steps, including setting up a fresh mac OS User account. No luck unfortunately.
  2. Hi @Vero and @deanishe I logged out/logged back in, and rebooted multiple times, and that did not work. re: testing text expansion in Text Edit: When I type the keyword, it doesn't disappear (but doesn't expand) My command V is not Remapped. I am not running any other text expansion apps or modifiers, although I should note that A. I have an external keyboard (Advantage Kinesis) but there's no software installed for it. B. I previously ran Text Expander App, but it's not installed any longer. Please let me know what you'd suggest next, thank you!
  3. @deanishe No I didn't see any such red warning (see screenshot below). Please let me know your thoughts, thank you!
  4. Also, fyi, I updated system preferences re: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/macos-mojave/ but still no luck.
  5. Hello, I just upgraded my OS (10.14.2) and I'm running the latest Version of Alfred 3.7.1. All of the snippets are still showing up in Alfred, but the keys (hot keys) are no longer triggering any of them. Thanks for your help, Ari
  6. Hi Vero, Sounds good. Yes, I did manually move the preferences to the dropbox previously after the snippets had stopped working. I just emailed you a moment ago. Please let me know if you received it. Thanks again, Ari
  7. Also, just to clarify, it's not working on either the Imac or Macbook, and when I try to reinstall the saved snippets, I'm not having any luck so far. Would would you suggest as the best course of action? Thank you!
  8. Hi Vero, Currently it's set to the dropbox folder (On my macbook, as of a moment ago-- it wasn't set to anything before, just locally). . I don't have time machine backups, but I do have a copy of all Alfred preferences I made back when it was working. I tried putting the backed up preferences in the dropbox, but that didn't work, and I'm still unable to use the snippets.
  9. Hello, I run Alfred 3.7 on both my IMac (os 10.13.5) and Macbook. I mainly use Alfred for the snippets. I've created many. And they all disappeared from Alfred on Both Computers preferences. They still work on the Macbook when I press the hotkeys, but not at all on the Imac. I also tried copying the preferences from the Macbook to the Imac but that didn't work. Then I tried changing sync settings to a shared dropbox folder. That didn't work either. Thanks for the help!
  10. Hi, I have an image that I made in photoshop, that I frequently paste into emails. I want to be able to instantly paste this image with a hot key. I have attempted to program Alfred to accomplish this but I have not yet succeeded. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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