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  1. Sorry to resurrect this thread, too. Can someone help answer this question?
  2. It might just be more Catalina weirdness. It seems to be working fine today. Sorry for the false alarm!
  3. I just updated to Alfred 4.0.5, and I've had to force quit it 3 times because it locks up when trying to use snippets. How can I roll back to the previous version?
  4. When I use "in" to search for files, can I somehow tell Alfred to return files that do not contain a certain term? E.g., can I search for something like "in blue NOT sky" to return files with the word blue, but without the word sky?
  5. When I launch Alfred and type the letters ma, the first result is the App Store. Why is that if there is no letter M in App Store?
  6. woowoo

    Window Width

    Just personal preference. I would like a smaller interface.
  7. woowoo

    Window Width

    I know how to resize the width, but the smallest I can get it is 400px, which is too wide for my taste.
  8. woowoo

    Window Width

    How can I make the window width smaller than 400px?
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