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  1. @raguay.customct that is true, but I need time machine.
  2. Note, simply launch "Dictionary.app" is not enough to bring its window to the front, you have to use apple script, like: tell application "Dictionary.app" activate end tell
  3. @Vero thansk for your very detailed reply! Now I am trying to write my first workflow!
  4. @raguay.customct thanks! that is a very useful clue, I guess the program spinning my drive is the time machine, but unfortunately, I can not turn it off.
  5. @Vero thanks for your patience, hope no one else has this issue!
  6. If Dictionary.app window is opened in desktop space Window 1, now switch current space to Window 2, launch Alfred, fire action "define hello", the desktop space stays at Window 2, won't change focus to Dictionary.app window in Windows 1 as desired. Alfred 3.5.1, macOS 10.13.2
  7. @Vero any update, or could move this post to bug report forum?
  8. @Vero update, I could confirm that another external HDD will be powered off with alfred's eject command, just like finder does, the difference is, this HDD is not for Time Machine.
  9. @Vero if necessary, I could make a video to show the difference.
  10. 错误 17:20:42.814096 +0800 mds ====^^^^ QUERY CLIENT _showAllExtensions:1 错误 17:20:42.946243 +0800 mds ====^^^^ QUERY CLIENT _showAllExtensions:1 错误 17:20:43.068344 +0800 mds ====^^^^ QUERY CLIENT _showAllExtensions:1 错误 17:20:43.709218 +0800 mdworker Asked to exit for Diskarb 错误 17:20:43.868751 +0800 mds_stores Got event: Connection invalid 错误 17:20:43.868849 +0800 mds_stores MDSSecureStore connection error:Connection invalid 错误 17:20:43.867735 +0800 mds Event on stores connection Connection invalid 错误 17:20:43.867892 +0800 mds Event on stores connection Connection invalid 错误 17:20:43.883339 +0800 mds_stores Got event: Connection invalid Thanks for your reply. Above are some logs I found, I guess "错误" == "Error". By saying "not fully ejected", I mean not as Finder do to shut down power completely, the disk is successfully unmounted with Alfred in some sorts. Besides, I use the USB drive in question as TimeMachine.
  11. When using "Eject" function in system finder, my external disk will stop spinning and LED turn off, but using "Eject" command in Alfred, the drive will keep spinning and LED won't turn off. Is this a bug?
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