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  1. Here's the exported workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fndsrh1ec4lvzz1/Show Alfred with selected text.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Thanks, Gautam
  2. I did try to run a script (type osa) as well but doesn't accomplish what I want. I'll give up on this for now, thanks for your assistance. @deanishe I'll give your Alfred Workflow library a try later.
  3. Thanks, I built on that suggestion (replaced {query} with q) and can Alfred to show with the trimmed selection. However I would like the cursor to reach the front of the text with a leading space so I can simply type my web shortcut keyword. Here's what I have. The commented lines don't work (123 is keyboard left, 49 is space bar) on alfred_script(q) tell application "Alfred 3" search q activate -- keycode 123 using command down -- keycode 49 -- keycode 123 using command down end tell end alfred_script
  4. I currently use the single step workflow, created using Add Workflow (+) -> Templates -> Show Alfred -> Show Alfred with selected text. My changes to this was to change cursor position to 'left' and a custom hotkey. Based on your suggestion, I modified the action in it from "Show Alfred" to "Pass through to workflow". Indeed I was able to add a Trim Whitespace as the next step. However, for step 3, I can't add a "Show Alfred". Closest is "Browse in Alfred" which is not useful in this context. I'm probably missing the obvious, how can I get a "show alfred" as the last step with the selected text?
  5. I have a workflow to invoke alfred with selected text. I usually use the selected text with my web search keywords to open specific pages. One annoyance is that the selected text can contain white space at either end. e.g. typing "imdb<space><space>godfather" in the alfred window search IMDB for "<space>godfather". This is not a problem with IMDB but it is with the web applications I use everyday. Please consider adding an option to trim leading/trailing white space when used with web search.
  6. Contrary to many who ask for unlimited clipboard history, I prefer to keep mine trimmed down. Right now I go through the list once in a while and delete items which I won't reuse at all. However I sometimes end up deleting something useful. My request is to be able to star items in the clipboard history, so they can be skipped when doing a "clear history".
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