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  1. 2/21/18 Vero, Well first off I did not receive any email from you (other than a confirmation of my signing up on Alfred Forums). Secondly, although I have not performed an "Indexing" procedure, I encounter no problems with Spotlight finding all files/folders when I enter a search routine. The only problem with using Spotlight is that it does not always show me the entire hierarchy string whereas Alfred does (when it can actually find what I'm searching for!) Yes, when I enter a search criteria Spotlight will 99.9% of the time find what I am searching for whether the "item" is located on either my internal HD or my external HD or both. In plain English, Spotlight is 99.9% efficient so I would have to conclude the search criteria that I enter is not the problem. I note that your troubleshooting help does not even address the issue of Alfred NOT being able to find .fmp12 files............. nor do you. I note that this issue is simply ignored as if you do not wish it to exist. For me, however, who has numerous .fmp12 files on my computer, the problem is of concern. For instance, I have one "Solution" (a data base) titled; Museums.fmp12. This is located on both, my internal HD and my external HD and the hierarchy is simply; Home / DATABASES / Museums.fmp12. Alfred does not find this file on either, my internal or external HDs, whereas Spotlight does. What I am asking is, is there some way to configure Alfred's Preferences that will expand its results............. or if you can review the attached screen shot and determine of I have something configured incorrectly. btw - I have another screen shot I wanted to include showing that I had included .fmp12 files in the Advanced but since your app allows only 501.76KB for upload, I can't include it (even though I reduced the files sizes of both screen shots). Allowing only 500KB is hardly enough for anything of a size that can be read......... Thanks, Roger
  2. Mac platform and OS. Have internal HD and external HD. When doing a search for a particular file or folder, Alfred "usually" finds the file/folder located on my external HD but the same file/folder located on my internal HD is not found. How can I configure Alfred to expand search results to encompass both, my internal HD and my external HD. #2 - Alfred unable to find .fmp12 files, whereas Spotlight is able to find .fmp12 files. (.fmp12 are FileMaker 12 files - a professional data base application). As you might have guessed, I am not some "tech-no" wizard so please keep any replies in simple, easy to understand, language. Actually Spotlight does a better job finding file/folders but Spotlight does not show the complete hierarchy, leading to the result, whereas Alfred does (when and if it is able to find what I'm searching for. Would appreciate anyone's help in finding a solution.
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