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  1. 2/21/18 Vero, Well first off I did not receive any email from you (other than a confirmation of my signing up on Alfred Forums). Secondly, although I have not performed an "Indexing" procedure, I encounter no problems with Spotlight finding all files/folders when I enter a search routine. The only problem with using Spotlight is that it does not always show me the entire hierarchy string whereas Alfred does (when it can actually find what I'm searching for!) Yes, when I enter a search criteria Spotlight will 99.9% of the time find what I am searching for whether the "i
  2. Mac platform and OS. Have internal HD and external HD. When doing a search for a particular file or folder, Alfred "usually" finds the file/folder located on my external HD but the same file/folder located on my internal HD is not found. How can I configure Alfred to expand search results to encompass both, my internal HD and my external HD. #2 - Alfred unable to find .fmp12 files, whereas Spotlight is able to find .fmp12 files. (.fmp12 are FileMaker 12 files - a professional data base application). As you might have guessed, I am not some "tech-no" wizard so please keep any replies in simple
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