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  1. Lack ot this feature together with copy Icon bug makes adding custom icon quite painful
  2. I expect copy and paste to create exact copy of the object Alfred 4.0.9
  3. Shame, because this makes tasks very unreadable and it's hard to recall exact shortcuts for "older" tasks. This works perfectly with code editors like InteliJ making it very useful feature.
  4. Is it possible to run task with multiple keywords "do something crazy" just by typing first letters "dsc"? (similar to indeli idea code completion)
  5. Certain tools (eg. IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio) have the buildin functionality of clipboard history. They may even do it better in context of the app eg. When writing code they don't display images on clipboard on history list and have better (horizontal) preview (Again this mainly makes sense in context of this certain app) It would be nice to have a way to define app exclusion list - if we shortcut to run Alfred Clipboard history and app is excluded then this keystroke goes to the app and run app native clipboard history (This would allow having a consistent shortcut fo
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