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  1. You can create a hotkey trigger with "Action: Show in Alfred" and "Argument: macOS Clipboard Contents". You can also choose where the cursor be after your clipboard content shows up in Alfred, I would put it to the left to trigger an action quickly.
  2. It would be very useful to save the current chat with a keyword as txt or md document.
  3. You can put apostrophe(') prefix in "Show Alfred" hotkey trigger and it would go to file search automatically. It should look like this:
  4. Thanks for the very useful workflow! I could use the rephrase function in v1.0.3 but I got "ERROR: No response by OpenAI API." error in v.1.0.4. I just tried downloading and trying v1.0.3 and rephrasing works for me again.
  5. Hey @pseudometa, there used to be another inline google search workflow but it's not been working for a long time. So I was excited to find yours but it is not working for me. I get the error below in the debugger. could you please help me with the issue? thank you for the great workflow! [11:17:06.503] Hyper Seek[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'test' [11:17:07.730] Hyper Seek[Script Filter] Script with argv 'test' finished [11:17:07.737] ERROR: Hyper Seek[Script Filter] Code 1: Refreshing keyword cache… ./scripts/inline-results.js: execution error: Error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'workflowConfig.find( (/** @type {{ variable: string; }} */ option) => option.variable === varName, ).config') (-2700)
  6. You can do it with a workflow. Just connect a hotkey to "Action in Alfred" and, set "Jump to" to "Move to". It should look something like below.
  7. Hi Vitor, can you please add this one to the list too? https://github.com/jmcannon/alfred-tureng
  8. Would it be possible to add these two workflows too? https://github.com/ttuygun/alfred-eksi-sozluk-workflow
  9. hello @vitor would it be possible for you to add homebrew workflow to the list? It used to work fine. Thank you for your help.
  10. What do you think about holding ⌥ to paste and keep the clipboard window open? There is no use for ⌥ in clipboard viewer now, and it can be Alfred's way for sequential paste if it pastes and selects the new item while keeping the window open.
  11. Yes, then it could be even faster in that way because I can only press ⌥↩ and paste an item after an item since Alfred would paste and select the next result.
  12. This would do the same for me since there is no use for ⌥ in the clipboard viewer now.
  13. Hello All, What I like about alfred clipboard history is I can paste any item quickly with cmd+1, cmd+2 etc.. However, sometimes I have to paste many items to a single window and I don't want to open clipboard viewer everytime. My feature suggestion is an option to pin the clipboard viewer to the screen. Then, I can turn that option on and I can use cmd+# to paste several items quickly without bothering opening the clipboard viewer each time. I would really like to hear opinions about this suggestion.
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