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  1. why does it have to be so complicated. It's like torture. This is not quantum computing. I am wasting hours trying to do something elementary. Can't find rename action, etc thanks in advance for your time and help this is what I get when I do a simple search for rename
  2. If my understanding is correct, I have to create a workflow and somehow add it to the universal file actions ? thanks in advance for your time and help
  3. hello, I get this error message. what should I do ? thank you very much
  4. thank you @Vero. Before I install the workflow, could you explain what the advantage is of going through Alfred instead of simply the chatGPT website where for example all past questions and answers are listed. thank you
  5. or is there any workaround?. In reddit some people seem very unhappy and complain about spam (as in 5 spam phone calls during the day) after giving their phone number. thanks in advance for your time and help
  6. Hello @Vero and @Andrew, thank you for a very useful workflow. How would I modify the workflow so that once I type in the keyword and tag followed by return, all the pertinent files are automatically listed without having to type * followed by Enter.
  7. The equivalent of being in Chrome → Bookmarks manager → find folder of interest → right click → open all thanks in advance for your time and help
  8. How do I specify to resize the image in the clipboard as below ? thanks in advance for your time and help
  9. A forum search yielded nothing I use the workflow regularly and would have a question for the author. I looked through the workflow and could not find any contact information ie link to the alfred forum or repository of workflows. thanks in advance for your time and help
  10. Hello, I have a zillion keywords and often forget them. I don't want to go the keyboard shortcut route (I have too many in Keyboard Maestro already). For example, I have multiple alfred keywords containing the term index. When I type ?keywords index, I end up with a list of files whose keyword contains "index" which is excellent. In other words, it's kind of a substitute for keyword autocomplete, which is basically what I am looking for. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to open those files. The modifier keys simply navigate to the workflow, not the file. thanks in advance for your time and help
  11. thank you for the new version @drgrib ! very much appreciated !
  12. I added the action, use ⌃ as a connection, but all I end up with is a google search of the keyword. thank you for your patience. Note that workflow works perfectly otherwise.
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