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  1. I have 12,000 + Evernote notes, a few of which I access multiple times a day. I was looking for a quick way to access those notes in Evernote desktop and configure Alfred to do so. In Evernote, I right click on the note in the notes list → in the context menu you see Copy Note Link - do NOT choose that option. Instead press the option key and a new menu item will appear called Copy Classic Note Link → click on Copy Classic Note Link → go to Alfred → Features → Web Search → new custom search → paste the link as the URL, assign title and keyword, etc. If you
  2. thank you @deanishe this is the reference https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/file-actions-from-alfred-or-finder/ @Vero : how can I add your Evernote file action ? thank you both.
  3. in the documentation I see evernote, but not in my file actions in alfred pref. thank you documentation my alfred preferences
  4. Could you direct me to the alfred help page where ?+keyword is discussed ? I can't find it. thank you
  5. Objective: when looking at a web site in a browser, I often want to add the URL to my Alfred Custom searches. There are 2 types of Alfred → Pref → Features → Web Search → Custom Search : with or without query which will thus require 2 distinct keyboard maestro macros The keyboard maestro macro below is a composite of both macros (without and with query), the only difference being that in the macro with query I insert an action which runs a regex on the URL replacing all text after the first = sign with {query} The regex is: Search (\S*?)=.*$ Replace \1={qu
  6. @deanishe 1- script for custom search: OK 2- Let's say that I have the following custom URL: how do I “open it in Alfred ?” alfred://customsearch/https://www.thetimes.co.uk/ If I enter the above in Chrome → enter → a dialog box appears asking if I want to open it in alfred 4 → I say yes → error message thank you @deanishe
  7. I am referring to sections (1) or subsections (2) as per image example: go directly to workflows section or go directly to features → web search thanks in advance for your time and help
  8. I edited out my erroneous quotes by @deanishe and @Andrew
  9. I understand. thank you @vitor @Andrew I apologize. I thought that you had closed my post. Below was referring to another earlier post
  10. Using Typinator with Alfred: a short synopsis. I am posting this because I want to give Alfred users a more complete overview of the issue. The issue Since Typinator 8.0 (June 2019), Typinator now disables itself for text typed in Alfred's search field. The reason is that search text that users enter in Alfred often look like abbreviations. Many users reported that they enter text that they also had defined as abbreviations in Typinator. Workaround (thank you Gue - Günther Blaschek the developer of Typinator): The following Terminal commands will a
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