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  1. A workflow to toggle AirDrop discoverability: To clarify, just in case, this is about controlling your Mac discoverability so other devices could send files to it, so this is not about sharing files from it. Optionally it also toggles off Bluetooth when "No One" level of discoverability is chosen. Naturally, since there is no proper API for this, everything is done in AppleScript by clicking on UI controls via Accessibility. So you can expect seeing windows (Finder, Control Centre, etc) opening and closing, buttons/toggles being clicked/toggled. You can get rid of Finder window showing up by adding AirDrop icon to Menu Bar via Control Centre Modules in System Settings. And of course, it will likely break next time Apple decides to move things around again. Currently tested Mac OS version is 13.5.2. Links: - latest release page: https://github.com/retifrav/alfred-airdrop-discoverability/releases/latest - latest release direct download: https://github.com/retifrav/alfred-airdrop-discoverability/releases/latest/download/airdrop-discoverability.alfredworkflow
  2. Indeed, in 3.6.1 [907] it is fixed, I should have checked it there first. Thank you.
  3. Alfred: 3.6 [903] Mac OS: 10.13.3 If I add some folder to file buffer, then when I hover a mouse over it a label appears, and if I click on the item, Finder opens the path, however label doesn't disappear till I kill Alfred process. Here's a video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eynwy9a7s73gsl2/buffer-labels.mp4?dl=0
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