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  1. A year+ later, for me nothing has changed. I followed the various suggestions, but Alfred's search results are simply unacceptable -- and make me rely on HoudahSpot or Tembo to find most of my docs. Any new thoughts? Tips? If they're all using Spotlight under the hood, shouldn't the results be same??
  2. Thank you both for responding. I will keep playing with these things and try to figure out the best way to use them. I have been frustrated by typing a file name into Alfred and getting no results, but then getting them immediately in Spotlight & HoudahSpot. Sometimes I only remember a fragment of the name - a couple of words, and not always the first ones of the file name...
  3. Hi, I'm very frustrated by Alfred not finding the files I'm search for. HoudahSpot & Tembo are amazing, and even the built-in Spotlight does much better. I have rebuilt MacOs Metadata, etc., but Alfred isn't competing. If it cannot be improved, is it possible to use HoudahSpot or Tembo with an Alfred workflow? Thanks Yossi
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