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  1. On earlier attempts of outputting variables other than query seemed to failed, and it continue to copy $query to clipboard anyways; I'll give it another try though
  2. Is it possible to use a different variable instead of query for output (for copying to keyboard pipeline)?
  3. oh huh that worked! I didn't echo $query, maybe that's why? I just did the cat << EOB thing that they had in the example. Thank you! I'll use this template.
  4. Thanks! I'll explore that option for now and see what I can do. I appreciate your help!
  5. Yup I'm referencing with $title, but it doesn't show; I did something like {"items":[ { "title":$title } ] } . I'll keep the Python library in mind, but rn since I'm just reading from a CSV file and adding numbers together I'll probably implement it in a bit. For Python though, I just need to do sys.stdout.write(json obj)?
  6. I'm writing using bash and for some reason it couldn't recognize the variables, but I'll give JS / Python a try using your specified info. Thanks!
  7. Hello! I'm not sure what these were called so I had some trouble googling. I'm making a molar mass calculator and I want the output to look like the attachment. Eg: molm H2O should then show in the next line "18.01528 g/mol" I have the logic for figuring out the input and calculations, but I can't for the love of god figure out how to do the output like the photo. I'm using keyword to script with bash. Thanks!
  8. For example, if I google "what is chocolate", there will be a rich result at the top of the page that defines choccolate; or if I search Ellen, there will be a box of info from Wikipedia on the right of the page. Is there a workflow to do this on Alfred so that those will be displayed directly in Alfred without opening a browser? thanks!
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