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  1. I think I was able to narrow down the problem. When an (Alfred) action is triggered, the "smart synced" file is downloaded. This is no problem with small files, but with a big file (say, a 300 MB .psd) and a slow-ish internet connection, this can take a while. During this time, Alfred stays un-reactive (the window freezes / Alfred does not react), but the app does not actually crash … but if the file can't be downloaded (e.g. because of too slow internet connection), Alfred remains freezed.
  2. Hello, Whenever I search for a "smart synced" (that is not locally stored on my hard drive) file in my Dropbox folder and hit an Alfred action next, e.g. "open" or "show in finder", Alfred crashes. This happens every single time I perform the mentioned action. Alfred 3.6.1 / Build 910 Dropbox v49.4.69 MacOS 10.12.6
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