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  1. Hey, I really love the idea of workflows, but I have no clue how to start with my first one. So actually all I want to do is open multiple selected audio files in XLD, preferably using a keyword like "Convert". Thus XLD starts converting the files automatically. Sounds simple. Since I have set up about 5 presets in XLD (like MP3 320, v0, AAC, AIFF and FLAC) it's pretty easy to change the output format with a single click. It'd be great if I could just type like "Convert into AAC" so Alfred changes the preset into AAC and passes through the audio files to XLD. However when I open the files manually XLD starts converting the files with the last used preset which means Alfred needed to open XLD first, change the preset and then open the files. If you're using XLD often you probably understand my issue. I usually use the AAC preset but it would be very handy to have access to the other presets as well. What's the best way to realize that idea? Would appreciate any help. Cheers looper
  2. looper

    Marine v1

    This is the first version of my Marine theme for Alfred 2. It's a work in progress so check this thread for coming updates. I suggest to hide the pref cog and the hat on Alfred window for a more minimalistic look. Feel free to leave a comment. Download Marine v1
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