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  1. Sorry, I should have added all of that info. MacOS: Catalina 10.15.2 Alfred: 4.0.7 as of the first post, but just updated to 4.0.8 and the problem persists. Parallels: 15.1.2 with Ubuntu and Windows images. I am running Alfred on my core MacOS build, and not within Parallels. I only mentioned Parallels because of "Clean Drive" and possible known issues with that. Search scope is set to default, with both `macOS Applications folder` and `Folders in Home` enabled. Also tried explicitly adding folders which knowingly contain file's I typically search
  2. Update: Now it's not even finding Safari and other apps . Spotlight does show Safari, fwiw.
  3. Ok, the problem has returned overnight. Still an issue, and very annoying. It's making Alfred unusable for literally everything I need it for (spotlight is more useful at this point =/). Please help!
  4. Following up for posterity. It turns out I accidentally deleted xcode when running the Parallels disk cleaner. I think at the time I thought it would just remove the app, and not the cmd line tools. I was wrong. So i went ahead and did a full reinstall of xcode and cmd-line tools, and Alfred has been working fine since then (had to reboot and reindex). I'll update if the symptoms return, but I think its good now.
  5. Hello, Starting a few days ago, my Alfred setup completely broke. Alfred no longer shows results from any folders other than /System/Applications, ~/Applications, my home (~) directory, and for some reason, a lone result from /usr/local/Cellar. I figured this out by manually searching for every a-z letter (i.e. find a, find b, ...). Interestingly enough, most of what I'm trying to search on is within my home directory, but Alfred only shows the top level folders (and no results appear when I search on a known file outright). I have uninstalled and reinstalled Alfred, de
  6. I guess I solved my own problem, turns out AppleScript doesn't include punctuation marks in the "word" category. I changed all instances of "word" to "text item" and it worked perfectly!
  7. This is my first AppleScript workflow, I've spent almost two days trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Basically the alfred command is "text [name] [message] and it will send a message to the number associated with [name]. So far, I haven't incorporated Contacts into it, so the friend names are hard coded (friend1, friend2, etc changed in the code below for privacy). It works so far as basic functionality goes, but it's doing this really weird thing and I don't understand why. Basically, the punctuation marks (!@#%&*(),.?/"') are completely removed from the message, but ($ and ^) are
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