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  1. Hello, What I want to do is create a script that I can type "movie name" and it gives me the IMDB's rating and other things. That's ok, I know I can do that using the "workflow" class and script filter, but I want to give one more option like "search from other sites" and then show the results just like the first one, in Alfred itself. So, heres the schema: Search: movie argo Result #1: Argo (2012) - Rating: 8.0 Result #2: Search from other sites In case I use Command + 1, open the IMDB. In case I use Command + 2, do the same thing with other sites and return the results just like that: Result #1: Rotten: Argo(2012) - Rating: 80% Result #2: etc: Argo(2012) - etc Command + 1 should open the Rotten Tomatoes and etc. Is it possible? I know I can create a regular script for the step two, but it does not return the results in alfred (so I'd need to use notification center without the possibility from open the Rotten). The reason to not integrate everything and do the step-by-step is just to make it more readable and, well, faster.
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