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  1. Hi Vero, I'm so sorry, I'm half-asleep still! It's using mail.app. Apologies, Dave
  2. I have uploaded it to imgur - https://imgur.com/a/QNGZUvK I will have a look at your software, it looks very interesting.
  3. I'm unable to upload any more screenshots due to filesize.
  4. Hi Vero, - Which version of Alfred and macOS are you using? v3.7.1 [946] 10.14.2 - How are you searching? What are you typing exactly in Alfred? I am searching for a subject line by just typing it into Alfred. - Are the emails you're hoping to find in Mail.app? Or a third-party email client? It's using Alfred. - Were you previously using a workflow, or showing emails in your file search results? I was not, it worked on the demo version and when I only noticed the change once I'd entered my licence key. - Please provide screenshots of your Default Results and
  5. Hi Vitor, I have tried the troubleshooting steps and I'm still having problems. Dave
  6. Hi everyone, I've just rebuilt my machine and upgraded to v3. Unfortunately Alfred is no longer searching for emails - which it was on this machine before I applied the licence key; I think I must have messed up a seting somewhere. Under File Search > Don't show > I have unticked everything and I'm still not getting emails returned in the search. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Dave
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