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  1. yeah something definitely got really messed up that time
  2. Sometimes I need to do some unit conversions in Alfred, move focus away to another window or do something, and then go back to Alfred. With spotlight, if you click outside the spotlight window, and then open spotlight again, the text you entered will still be there, selected if you want to type something different in. With Alfred, it all goes away. I find it frustrating because I keep needing to copy and paste what I had written. Could the spotlight-styles behavior be implemented instead?
  3. I "fixed" it by duplicating the preferences folder on my Desktop, and then setting that as my sync folder. Then I set the sync folder as the Library preferences folder. Now it's holding that as the "sync" folder (before it was blank even though this folder was technically selected): It's kind of strange to "sync" to this folder, but I guess it's find. Sorry for my frustration and thanks for your help.
  4. Yeah, I've deleted that folder. It still asks for some reason. I tried what you suggested and strangely it gives me this message when I select Alfred's folder in Library: But when I try to open Alfred preferences after closing it again, it gives me the error again. Really strange. Maybe it's just me.
  5. I am aware that that should be the expected behavior. I have tried clicking both Continue and Quit at least ten times, and have restarted my Mac at least twice. This dialog keeps popping up. Would you mind elaborating?
  6. I'm doing my best to disable syncing on Alfred, which I had the unfortunate (and distasteful) misfortunate of enabling. Now, every single time Alfred starts up or I try to go into its preferences, it gives me the annoying alert below. There's literally no way to disable syncing from Alfred preferences. I also tried running the following terminal command after quitting Alfred: defaults delete com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences syncfolder but although it deleted that key, it just came back when I reopened Alfred. What gives? Is the only way to solve this by resetting all of Alf
  7. Is it possible to not clear the input window when you press escape?
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