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  1. Bartender look great, but appears to only control the icons not the actually application menus
  2. Thanks, I'm giving this a try. Ideally, I'd like to see the App menu as a context menu at the current mouse cursor position as opening the app menu in it's standard location is disruptive to my visual focus of the window I am working in.
  3. A hotkey would be fine - it would still be quicker than mousing across the diagonal of a 40" monitor
  4. I have a 4k screen (non retina) and when I have say a small window open at the bottom left hand corner of the monitor, it is a very very long mouse(or trackpad) movement to get to the file minuet the top left of the monitor. I would like to be able to assign a gesture, for example, double 4 finger tap to showing the menubar menus as a context menu (or not) right where my pointer is. If this is possible already and I have missed it, I apologise. I had a trial of BetterTouchtool which has this capability, but I love Alfred and don't really want to add another app just for one feature. Thanks
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