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  1. Weird 'cause I'm the only user and i'm set as administrator. But I don't know how could I retrieve access to read the index.
  2. So I usually open apps and documents using alfred however it isn't working anymore, and spotlight as wello spotlight. As an example, I saved a file as music.xlsx on my desktop when I type "music" it only finds the definition and on my notes (on spotlight, alfred doesn't return anything, suggesting google search) . If I use the search on a finder window it doensn't retrieve any result. Already tried rebuilding spotlight indexing through system preferences and terminal, It seemed to worked for a while but not more than a couple days. Today I tried reinstalling Mojave, it finished indexing and still doesn't find files. When I tried "Rebuilding Mac OS data" and "Deleting .Spotlight-v100 " on alfred settings I received the message "+ rm: /.Spotlight-V100: Operation not permitted" on Terminal. Any suggestions?
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