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    Folders with ".com" isn't recognized like that

    Hi again Vero, I can confirm that your solution fixed the problem. The ".com" folders started to appear after rebuild Mac's metadata. Btw, the process to rebuild macOS Metadata from Alfred fails, because Alfred launch "rm /.Spotlight-V100" and in Mojave you have to launch the command like this: "sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100". Thanks a lot!
  2. Victor Guerrero

    Folders with ".com" isn't recognized like that

    Hi Vero, First, thank you so much for your reply. I saw your reply in other forum on Internet, I don't remember where, but I didn't try yet. I can confirm that I installed a fresh Mojave copy this weekend and I didn't use Time Machine o something similar. I restored my files by hand(folder to folder) without any help. I going to check your solution and then come back with the results. Thanks
  3. Victor Guerrero

    Folders with ".com" isn't recognized like that

    Done, I will left comments here when Apple's team answer. Thanks
  4. Hi, Recently, I move from El Capitan to Mojave. I have the last update of Mojave(10.14.3) and Alfred(3.8 build 959). All works perfect except finding folders that have a name with contains ".com". I'm developer and I organize all the projects by the domain name. So, my working tree is something like that: ~/domain.com ~/domain.net ~/domain.es ~/domain.local Folders that have .com are recognized like "other" objects instead folders, it also occurs in Spotlight. I try to delete and recreate whole index two times, but it doesn't work. To partial fix it, I had to create a dummy file with the name "file.com" and add it to Preferences > Default Results > Advanced. Any ideas of how to solve it? Regards