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  1. Thank you. Yep, I know there's a difference. I'm trying to use Clipboard History, Snippets and Text Expansion. Yes, I had already granted Alfred permissions. I am still unable to get any Alfred features to work at all. What info can I provide so you can diagnose my issues, and help me get started?
  2. I followed the steps and have still not seen a "Welcome to Alfred's Text Expansion" message. I followed the steps in your earlier email as well.
  3. Oooh that makes sense. Thank you! Here's my Clipboard history. Or what should be my clipboard history and isn't?
  4. I can't upload the second screenshot...the black error box here says I'm exceeding the file size (but I'm not.)
  5. Hi! Thank you, Yes, Mojave 10.14.3. And Alfred 3.8.
  6. Thank you very much. I'm still stuck. The Automation preferences part doesn't look like the sample on that page. It Looks like this:
  7. I'm new to Alfred, and I'm trying to get snippet set up. I have the Power Pack. I turned on my Clipboard History and then worked for a day, copying and pasting at least 30 times. There are still no snippets in my Clipboard History. So then I tried to set the snippets up manually. I copied a bit of text I'd like to use as a snippet. Then, per the instructions used the "Cmd + S hotkey in the Clipboard History viewer to save a text clip from the clipboard as a snippet." Absolutely nothing happened. Can anyone help?
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