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  1. Exactly what i wanted! Really cool 🙂 It works perfectly, thank you very much!
  2. No, i even don't understand what i should try. I am a bloody beginner with this kind of automation!
  3. Oh, ok sorry! Yes i want them to opened and afterwards the clipboard copy 🙂
  4. Of course i open them like in the screenshot above in the browser. 1. I use a keyword that replace the query variable {query} execute a search 2. 3 tabs will open with different URLS all the same query in it - same like the movie search template in workflows Alfred already offer 3. Now i want that Alfred copy all URL's to my clipboard like i wrote above
  5. I want to get copied all URLS after the redirect to my clipbloard like: http://www.domain1.com/ http://www.domain2.com/ http://www.domain3.com/ But exactly like they are after the redirect (if any apply) And then i have the URLS in my clipboard.
  6. native tongue is German. But English is not a problem usually. I contacted the support already, he did understood me Party i was already some steps closer. But still something is missing. O.K. requirements are: I open with a keyword and a {query} and the same query will open three pages like in the standard workflow to see What now is missing for me, i need Alfred copy the final URL that is stated in the browser URL bar for all websites (after possible redirects) Do you know a script how i may accomplish that? T
  7. Hello together, 1. i am totally new to workflows. I think what i want achieve, i could do with workflows. But i don't know how to accomplish that. I want to open with one {query} -> already what i use -> for instance Google Maps search -> open multiple pages. How is that possible? 2. How is it possible in addition top copy (to the clipboard) the opened URL's -> we opened through the workflow? All three at once, in case there are three URLs that should be opened. Thank you very much for your help! EDIT/Solution: I
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