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  1. @deanishe You're definitely right, here. I know this is more a support forum than a "welcome programmer newbies" forum, but would you have any recommended resources for understanding how Alfred runs scripts (you mentioned 'Classic UNIX-style' which piqued my curiosity)? I saw another post where you mentioned less-than-ideal maintainability/distribution from workflow-helpers like Alfy, so I'd like to ensure I'm approaching my efforts in the best way possible. Thanks again for your help.
  2. @deanishe thank you very much for the quick reply! You’re absolutely right - I was treating Alfred as the browser, so it makes sense now why I was having issues. That direction helps a lot. I’m sure I’ll get stuck plenty, but now I’ve got a better understanding of where to start.
  3. I’m new and most familiar with JavaScript, and would like to create my own workflows. If I create a basic index.js file in the Workflow folder, am I able to write normal JS? I wasn’t able to get a basic DOM manipulation function or console.log to work in a basic workflow (page was loaded from the Open URL object, but the single function produced no results or errors when trying to replace the header text, for example. Am I thinking about this wrong? Any guidance or reference material is truly appreciated.
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