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  1. The extra millisecond to enter that third keystroke is going to add up over time, not to mention wear out my keyboard LOL It's not really about the 'same' action - it's about the most popular actions. But I guess I'm in the minority on this one so I'll accept defeat and move on.
  2. Thanks for listening The last 20 list is OK but requires some additional clicking and attention to ensure I select 'Firefox' for example from the list. In my case I'm just trying to minimize keystrokes. Laziness is a virtue right? The 5 minute option helps but it would be nice to have an option to either extend or turn off the 5 minute limit. My favorite launcher on Windows is Find and Run Robot (https://www.donationcoder.com/software/mouser/popular-apps/farr) and it is 'smart' in that it keeps your most launched apps at the top of the list that initially displays. "Caches programs you launch for instantaneous repeat searches and adaptive scoring." On Linux I use uLauncher (https://ulauncher.io/) and it has a similar option: "Show Frequent Apps" which does the same thing. So usually my most used apps are only two clicks away - one to open launcher and a # to launch the app. Thanks! Jim
  3. I'm coming from Windows and most of the launchers I've used there can show the last X number of recent searches. This is convenient as I open Firefox a lot so it is always #1. Alfred: CTLR+SPACE - type "Fir..." - hit command+1 - open Firefox Windows: CTRL+SPACE - hit 1 - open Firefox I found the "History" option under advanced setting but that only remembers the last 5 minutes Is there some penalty for remember things longer than 5 minutes?
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