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  1. @Andrew do you want to whip together a script or secondary application that I can run when this problem occurs that dumps the state of some of the values you are suspecting to a file? I can then post the result here or email to you.
  2. @Vero Hello, I am having the same problem with Alfred disappearing and behaving the same way. However, it only happens intermittently when attaching a secondary 4K monitor via USB-C. If I unplug the monitor, Alfred will start appearing again. Plug it back in, it will intermittently decide to show up again. The only way I have found to resolve the issue reliably when it happens is to quit and re-open Alfred, and it begins working again. I've been using Alfred for years and this issue is new to Catalina. I'm running macOS 10.15.2 and
  3. Since upgrading to Catalina, Alfred will intermittently render off screen after connecting a secondary monitor such that I cannot see him or the text I am typing. Alfred does work in this situation, but obviously I cannot see what I am typing. Unplugging the second display and plugging back in usually resolves the issue. What can I provide when this situation happens to help debug?
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