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  1. @Andrew do you want to whip together a script or secondary application that I can run when this problem occurs that dumps the state of some of the values you are suspecting to a file? I can then post the result here or email to you.
  2. @Vero Hello, I am having the same problem with Alfred disappearing and behaving the same way. However, it only happens intermittently when attaching a secondary 4K monitor via USB-C. If I unplug the monitor, Alfred will start appearing again. Plug it back in, it will intermittently decide to show up again. The only way I have found to resolve the issue reliably when it happens is to quit and re-open Alfred, and it begins working again. I've been using Alfred for years and this issue is new to Catalina. I'm running macOS 10.15.2 and Alfred 4.0.7 [1131].
  3. Since upgrading to Catalina, Alfred will intermittently render off screen after connecting a secondary monitor such that I cannot see him or the text I am typing. Alfred does work in this situation, but obviously I cannot see what I am typing. Unplugging the second display and plugging back in usually resolves the issue. What can I provide when this situation happens to help debug?
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