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  1. Yes, I've reported them multiple times. I'm not at all blaming Alfred–there's simply a useful correlation. My guess it's something with the Spotlight APIs y'all are using. I have had a bunch of instances lately where applications don't show up in Alfred even if the system is indexed (and they show up in Spotlight). They show up *eventually*, weirdly enough. FWIW since I updated to 10.15.2 Beta (19C32e), I have not had one panic. THAT SAID, I also changed my theme to include no transparency, so I can only say one of those two actions helped. Thanks Vero!
  2. ...and just as quickly as I sent that, I quit everything, and was toying with Alfred themes and transparency... and as soon as I engaged Alfred and it popped up... panic. It may not be the cause but it does appear to directly be the trigger after about a dozen panics.
  3. All good points. I'm sharing here just to see if anyone else experiences it too, since these are notoriously hard to track down the source, and it did seem that I was able to reproduce it reasonably well a few times in a row. Note that I'm a software engineer, so I'm working this problem pretty hard on my end. Good call on the standard theme–I'll give that a shot and see if it keeps happening. Entirely possible my GPU is having hardware issues and it's causing panics. I'm doing a backup clone now as well and considering trying the next OS beta... a bit risky, but can hardly be wors
  4. After downgrading the endless panics stopped almost immediately for two hours. I just had one again with version 4.0.5 when switching apps. Again, it might be nothing but coincidences, but I did have at least one panic recently on 4.0.5, though that could have been related to Catalina. It appeared that 4.0.6 made it substantially worse since I had half a dozen more after upgrading. I don't know how to read the logs, but it seems related to the GPU. Perhaps the GPU switching on in Alfred could be an issue (if it uses it)? Some apps like to turn it on and off sort of randomly. 15" 20
  5. I'm more and more confident now that Alfred 4.0.6 is the cause. Five panics in a row only when interacting with Alfred. I have a video but it's not that interesting. It's happening more frequently and I noticed Spotlight is indexing while it happens. Tends to happen when I try to open Alfred preferences or reveal a file. Haven't seen it happen when searching and opening a file. Gonna try to downgrade to 4.0.5 from a backup and see if it keeps happening.
  6. Has anyone else experienced kernel panics out of nowhere after updating Alfred, in Mac 10.15.1 (19B88)? I technically had one kernel panic prior to upgrading, since upgrading to Catalina, but I had THREE today since updating to 4.0.6, and I think they occurred while or shortly after interacting with Alfred. I haven't had kernel panics in YEARS up until the last two weeks. Could be a total coincidence, as I use alfred nonstop, but gotta start somewhere. --- Here's the dump: panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff8006262e0a): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f8939
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