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  1. I would like it show a dynamic list of all directories of depth=1 in the ~/Notes directory. I don't mind programming, I just wasn't sure how to go about it. I assume via a script so?
  2. I'm trying to create a workflow that will make it easy for me to add new notes to predefined location ~/Notes. This folder has a number of subfolders like ~/Notes/Computer ~/Notes/Life etc. I want to be able to create, save and open a new file in Alfred within one of these subfolders (or just the root directory). For example 1. I enter keyword "new note" plus the file name e.g. "Shopping List" in the Alfred bar 2. The alfred bar then suggests a number of folders in the dropdown menu. I can select one (or none) of these 3. The file is saved to that location as "Shopping List.md" 4. The file is opened in my text editor I understand most of the steps except how to do 2. How can I have a substep that shows me the folders within ~/Notes and lets me select and feed that chocie into the next stage?
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