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  1. Oh. Yeah, that does work, actually... Thanks @leahcim, and sorry everyone else... There is no way to make it so that the tab fill-in works for whichever result is currently highlighted? That seems like the obvious default to me...
  2. Tried it; no luck... (But thanks for the suggestion!) What a weird problem...
  3. So I guess I'm just out of luck then? I have no idea where to even begin looking for another app that for some reason controls ⇥ in Alfred... (And I did try it with a default profile, so it must not have to do with any of my Alfred settings...)
  4. Okay, I've now tried tabbing on multiple computers using the same Alfred profile, and it doesn't work. Does that mean that a Workflow is likely causing the problem?
  5. I don't think so... but I'll see if I have the same issue on other computers when I get a chance.
  6. @vitor Right, the autocomplete is not working. Neither ⇧⇥ nor just ⇥ autocompletes. (And I experimented in the Action preferences, as you suggested; if I mark ⇥ as Show Action, ⇧⇥ still does not autocomplete.) Any other ideas? Very strange...
  7. Thanks for the response, @Andrew . But I swear ↹ tab doesn't work for me. Any idea why not?
  8. I am a relatively new Alfred user, and just discovered the wonderful file navigation functionality. But I've been frustrated by one aspect of it, probably missing something obvious: how do you expand a path when moving a file? For instance, when navigating to a file, both ⌅ and → expand the path; but then when moving a file, both ⌅ and → simply execute sending the file there. This means that I effectively have to type out the entire path name of the destination directory. Surely I am missing a better way of doing this?
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