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  1. Terrible and dirty workaround, but it works if you files always have an extention. See attached screenshot. Basically, if it is a folder, use "Open file" instead of "Reveal in Finder".
  2. And this is right! Thanks for pointing this out. I'll find a workaround then based on the type of the folder (I am talking about my workflow)
  3. Hi! Since recently after I select "Reveal in Finder" option on a folder, the Finder opens the parent folder, but does not select the target folder. So, if I am searching for `TARGET` folder and it is located in `/Users/myself/somefolder/TARGET/` then it will open `somefolder`, but `TARGET` will not be selected. As opposed to Spotlight, which opens the `somefolder` AND selects the `TARGET` folder. How to reproduce: Open Alfred press space to search for files/folders find a folder press CMD+Enter The target folder is not sele
  4. For the "Reveal File in Finder" action I pass no parameters. So the folder's path should be passed to the action in full.
  5. Hi everyone. Since recently "Reveal in Finder" for folders doesn't work as expected. It opens the Finder window with the location where the folder is. But it doesn't select the folder. In the situation when the parent folder contains many files and folders, finding the target folder becomes time consuming. There is no problem with files - they are revealed AND selected. Folders are revealed, but not selected. I wonder if there is something I have to adjust in Alfred or Finder settings to reveal the folder and select it?
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