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  1. Hi Vero, I've added the folders to my search scope (the individual folders) and it now works so thank you for your help! However, will I have to do this for every folder in the future? And Alfred and Spotlight was able to locate a folder inside of the folders I was initially trying to locate, so I'm kind of confused as to why it wasn't working. If I don't add each individual folder to the search scope, they don't pop up as a result, but what is contained in them will (only some though). I've unable to attach a picture of my 'Default Results' but I have 'Preferences' and 'Contacts' checked
  2. I'm not sure if this is considered a bug but when I type in "open [folder name]", the folder I'm wanting to open doesn't show up. It used to work then one day it stopped working. I have a Macbook Air and have the latest version of Alfred
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