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  1. Thx your reply. May be clipboard saves TIFF data, But I can't find the setting that about the TIFF data, I think through Clipboard to check the size of image is a good idea. May be Alfred can provide a switch setting, give user a choice.
  2. I usually use Clipboard to check the image size. I always thought my screenshot image too large, like follow this, have 19.8 MB, I hope find a method to reduce the size. Today I take the screenshot save as a file. My computer display the size, more lower than the clipboard, just is 433 KB, I consider my computer display error. I upload the image to the Cloud OSS, At last, I found this is the Clipboard display error, My computer don't have problem! I think the Clipboard just according the dimensions computer the size. Your Clipboard have th
  3. add /System/Applications, Select MacintoshHD
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